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Lithuanian association of impartial timber scalers  
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Lithuanian association of impartial scalers was founded September 6th, 2004. At present twenty two employees, of which 18 are the impartial timber scalers, work in the association. Recently, the association has been extending the activities in the field of round timber, biofuel and standing trees grading and scaling.
Six chapters are in operation: in Klaipėda (Private limited company „Malkų įlankos terminas“, in Klaipėda (Private limited company „Vakarų krova“), in Alytus (Private limited company „Storaenso Lietuva“), Ukmergė (Private limited company „Likmerė“), Radviliškis (Private limited company „Juodeliai“) and Klaipėda district (Private limited company  „Sakuona“).


Studentų str. 13-213, LT-53356 Akademija, Kaunas dstr.,

 Fax. +370 37 397647,  Contact ph. +370 699 26557,  Email: info@lnmma.lt 



Information about activity of association.

Objectives of association.


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